"Change in the world begins with change in our hearts.
Embrace love."
Marci Moore


The Radmacher Project

In memory of Don Radmacher

September 30, 1951 - November 20, 2013

In 2013, Don Radmacher, brother of Author and Artist Mary Anne Radmacher, was diagnosed with brain cancer. As Mary Anne prepared to go and visit him, she reached out to her community and asked them to shower her big brother with love via the US Postal Service.

And shower him they did. Not just during that window after the diagnosis until Mary Anne could be by his side in person. No. HUNDREDS of letters and cards made their way across the country until the day Don took his last breath. .

Love filled Don's room. And his heart. And the heart of his sister. That love seeped through the cracks and crevices of his brain tumor and brought him JOY. Made him OVER THE MOON. The photos above of are Don opening some of his daily mail and showing off his scrapbook of cards and letters from "the people."

When Mary Anne reached out to ask if we would help her create a legacy for Don in the form of the RADMACHER PROJECT, we were honored to say YES.

While the journey of the Radmacher Project is just beginning to unfold, here's what we know for sure: It will involve sending love one postage stamp at a time, to encourage and lift up individuals in need of comfort and joy.

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