"Change in the world begins with change in our hearts.
Embrace love."
Marci Moore



SHOW UP WITH LOVE Holiday Challenge

Here at Show Up with Love, we're on a mission. We believe that noticing and acknowledging acts of kindness, goodness and love helps to create more kindness, goodness and love in the world. During the holidays,  when people can be particularly lonely or stressed, these acts of kindness are even more important. 

Our goal? To acknowledge 5,000 people during the month of December and by doing so, inspire more acts of love and kindness. We can't do it alone! We'd love it if you would help. 

It's pretty simple, really. We'll send you 25 "I Saw What You Did There" cards (photo left - the back says "thank you for showing up with love"). Just keep the cards in your purse, wallet, in your car or on your bike...wherever you can easily access them. 

Then pay attention. Be on the lookout for acts of love and kindness, like: 

  • The cashier being especially kind to a harried mother in the checkout line at the grocery store. 
  • A patient who has a kind word for the stressed-out receptionist at your doctor's office, or a healthcare professional who patiently helps an elderly patient fill out forms.  
  • A neighbor raking leaves or shoveling snow for someone who can't do it for themselves. 
  • Someone who just takes time to listen to, or see, another human being. 

When you see an act of love or kindness, that's your cue. You don't have to make a big to-do or embarrass yourself in any way. Just hand the person a card. Let them know someone noticed.  For sure they’ll feel acknowledged and maybe it will fuel them to keep on showing up with love.  Maybe it will inspire them to pass on their "I Saw What You Did There" card to someone else who engages in a kind or loving act. 

The challenge: distribute all 25 of your cards before 12/31/2014, then tell us about your experience. We'll collect your stories and share them on a dedicated Facebook page.  

Back in the days when we worked in an office, we had a big gold star candle, passed from one person to another when the recipient had done something outstanding. It was just as fun to see it land on my desk as it was to pass it on to the next person. This is kind of like that. 

To get your cards and join the Show Up with Love Challenge, select the number of cards you want below. We'll get your cards right out. 


The cost for one package of 25 cards is $8 and includes shipping (this covers our costs). Order four packs (100 cards) for only $20. 

If you love the idea and can contribute nothing at this time - just complete the form at the bottom and we'll work something out. 

At this time we regret that we are only able to ship to addresses in the US and Canada. 

Click the button to the left to order 25 cards for $8. 

Click the button to the left to order 100 cards for $20. 

Thank you for taking the Show Up with Love Holiday Challenge. Your cards will be on their way shortly!

Keep Loving,

Marci Moore & Pam Williams
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