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LOST...and found?

Posted on December 3, 2013 at 11:55 PM

We lost a box of ornaments.

Not just any ornaments but the precious ones with all the memories tucked inside. THE box of ornaments.

It was a silly mistake, undiscoverable until Sunday when we put up the tree.

Since we’d spent most of last winter on an extended consulting engagement in Virginia, the ornament box didn’t make it back to the Christmas closet when the Christmas tree came down. It landed in the spare room that would become eventually become Pam’s new office – to be put away when we returned home.


Instead, when we came home from our assignment, we went through a shedding phase, packing up more than 40 boxes of items we no longer used. We stored all of these boxes, destined for the church thrift store in PAM’S FUTURE OFFICE.


You’ve probably guessed by now what happened. And I’m certain, when I carted them off, I had no idea the ornaments were going to new homes.


Maybe you’re asking, what do ornaments have to do with love? Good question. I thought I loved those ornaments. We’d schlepped them from one home to another. We’d carefully selected meaningful trinkets from our travels to add to our collection. There was the red telephone booth from London and the tiny golden Eiffel Tower from Paris. There were bicycle ornaments and a Disney ornament holding a (pre-wrinkle) “photo with Santa” that we both swore looked as if it came of the box that way. Other ornaments, gifted and handmade from friends and family, reminded us of each year of our life together. There was “Fudge Forever,” an ornament that always reminded me of my Dad’s culinary skills.


They. Are. All. Gone. Forever. I admit it. I was close to tears at first. But after a day of feeling a bit blue, I’m on the mend.


Because what those ornaments represented were memories of a life full of love and adventure. What I recall are the friendships, family and sweet stories surrounding most everything we put on the tree. Those memories live on in our hearts.


Yes, we’ll continue to create new memories and collect ornaments as evidence. It’s just part of our DNA. But next year our holiday story will have a new chapter. It begins like this: “Do you remember the year we lost our ornaments?” We’ll smile and recall not what’s missing, but the abundance of love each ornament represented.


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