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Graduation - The Season of Hope

Posted on June 2, 2014 at 9:30 AM

For many of us, graduation season has arrived: the season of goodbyes and hellos. Friday night Pam and I watched with pride and more than a few tears as one of my nephews confidently strode across the stage to collect his diploma.

Later that night, when he could have attended any number of after-graduation activities with his friends, he chose to hang out with his extended family at the Village Inn, the place we’ve gathered as a family after every almost every high school sporting event. As we expressed our pride in all he’d accomplished and showered him with love, he showered it right back on us by choosing to be fully present and engaged.

I wasn’t surprised. You see, that’s how he rolls. One of the many reasons I love my nephew so much is that he genuinely cares about others. He loves deeply. He’s always looking out for the underdog. There’s nothing in it for him, it’s just who he is.

I was there to celebrate his birth and watched him quickly wrap us all around his tiny finger on the way to his first family reunion at three months old. We fell in love with his smile, infectious laugh, and later, his kindness. Pam and I hung out with him and his brothers almost every single Saturday night for the first twelve years of his life and spent most of his school years cheering from the sidelines through sport after sport. We’ve attended his plays, piano recitals and various concerts. All weekend I’ve found myself tearing up a little knowing we won’t be following him as closely in the next chapter of his life. Or maybe those tears are simply joy for the man he’s become: a loving, gentle giant.

When I look at him, I have hope for the planet. Millions of other graduates stand ready to make their mark on the world in one way or another. No matter what degree they ended up with, no matter where they go to work or what they do in life, I hope, like Zach, they’ve graduated with honors in kindness and love. I hope they plan to transform this world for good. And in the end, I hope these graduates are recognized for love, for having left the planet a little bit better than when they arrived.


Marci Moore All rights reserved. June 2014

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