"Change in the world begins with change in our hearts.
Embrace love."
Marci Moore



Be a Waterfall

Posted on November 8, 2013 at 7:00 AM

I’ve felt a little short of time lately, bogged down with a slew of meetings, phone calls and life demands on top of my writing. Throw in classes to renew my coaching certification and prepping for an arts and craft fair this weekend and there seems to be less room for offering sips, let alone waterfalls. I find myself tucking love into the crevices of my day, into the edges instead of front and center.


Others are waiting for love – in droves. Sips are simple. Hold the door open for someone. Leave a generous tip. Drop a card in the mail with your signature on it. Send a quick email.

A waterfall says I see you. A waterfall takes the phone call and settles in, runs the errand together, says of course we can talk, slows down to the speed of love. Obviously, I’ve got some schedule pruning to do.

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